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Telling Your Story with Photographs


Hi! I am Israel, a photographer, videographer, editor, and programmer. For the last 10 years, I have specialized in wedding photography and videos.


My name is Israel Diaz, and I have been involved in the world of image throughout my life. I started in 1996 with Alias Power Animator 7.5 on Silicon Graphics, a UNIX-based X Windows operating system, creating 3D graphics.

I worked in advertising, producing commercial advertisements for various banks, 3D architectural designs, professional video editing using Avid Media Composer, and post-production in After Effects during my last years at Canal 9 TV.

I love script programming and automating processes that simplify tasks. Over the years, I have created several scripts to transfer information between different software.


With over 17 years of experience in 3D, advertising, virtual sets, web, video editing, and programming, and being passionate about photography since I can remember, I embarked on a new path: professional wedding photography and videography, which I have been doing since then for over 9 years now.

Ten years ago, even before leaving Canal 9, I was already exploring new career opportunities. I set up a website called "virtualsets" to find work in some company, but it was mostly the same as what I had been doing 15 years before.

So I realized that I was stuck, even during a job interview with a Canadian company. They asked me, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" With my poor English, I tried to explain that I just wanted to work and become the best. Of course, they didn't understand.

"When you are young, your mind is filled with projects, goals, and a more childish view of things (the innocence of not really knowing and not having "real" adult worries). As you grow, you just want to breath fresh ideas and get excited as you once did. Currently, my work as a wedding photographer means everything to me. Each wedding, each report, is unique, is my last one, the best one, and it motivates me the most in life. Unleashing my creativity and being solely responsible for my style and the way I interact with the couples on their wedding day, motivate me and make me grow every day with what I do."

The change of my career direction has been the best decision I have ever made, even if leaving behind television networks and virtual sets.


In conclusion, if someone asks me now, where I see myself in 5 years, I would answer without hesitation: "doing what I am passionate about, those marvelous touching wedding reports". This year, we started on March 26, 2022, and I am already looking forward to it, to put my new ideas into practice, try out new equipment, and show our couples the surprises we have prepared for them. I don't settle for being just another photographer; I aspire to be the best wedding photographer, the one who touches emotions the most, the most beautiful channel for brides in Spain. I strive to offer the most innovative product, the one that comes closest to the dreams you've had for that day, and also the photos and videos you never thought you could have.


2014 - ACTUAL

Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Python Programmer, Javascript, html..
2001 – 2014

3D, Realtime Graphics, Editor

RTVV : Area Post-Producción - Creacion Decorados y Aplicaciones virtuales
Profesor - Retoque Digital Avanzado Photoshop
Profesor de Escenografía virtual
Noviembre 2000– Abril 2001

3D Designer and Python Programmer, MEL

Brainstorm Multimedia
Diversos freelance incluido para Globomedia

Noviembre 1998 – Noviembre 2000

3D Graphic Designer using Maya, Alias, Softimage

World Image 
Profesor de Maya 3D v2.5 en la SGAE

Enero 1998 – Noviembre 1998

3D Designer

Becario en Montesa Graphics S.A

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